Nolita ノリ-タ Japan

October 31, 2008

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The ‘Worldwider Box’

October 30, 2008

Welcome to number 4 in our mini series of Worldwider. This is Worldwider box. A little more risky than the past few projects, the Worldwider Box has the potential for some very interesting outcomes.

Basically what happens is each artist will work on the inside of a Box, this will then be folded into shape and sent to next artist. Now for the exciting part. Before sending the box, the Artist should place some materials in the box. (For example Paints, Pastels, Chalk, ink etc..)

After the artist has placed his materials in the box it is then sent to the next artist. The aim is that the movement of the box during its travels will create its own image that the next artist will then draw onto.

I started the box in the photos. My materials left inside were 2 water balloons, one filled with red ink and the other with yellow ink. I then added 3 pieces of charcoal for good measure. I pricked to small holes in the balloons, closed the lid, and wrapped up the box ready to send to Yuta in Canada.

Have a look below and what I drew. This project will go off the opposite topic of the massive roll and will be on ‘What makes me happy about the society I live in.’ I drew about the many faces I see here in britain each day and the strong sense of multi-culturalism.

Worldwider Food Part 2

October 29, 2008

Hows it going folks, My name is Oliver, I was brought in this collaboration by Nearski, it was very exciting to do something different for a change. The first thing I brought to the table was thoughts on my cities favorite drink or ingredient. I live in Miami, FL. and in Miami there very well know hispanic culture. So the favorite drink that everyone consumes is the Cuban Coffee! If its for morning, afternoon, or dinner everyone drinks it at any time. Thats my first medium 2nd is my favorite ingredient called Sazon, you see it in the images. So this is my approach to the postcard. A little fat boy!! Hungry and angry. Tell me what you think guys. Next flight the postcard is taking is Argentina. I think!


Oliver Illustrator

Meet Gladys

October 28, 2008

Next in line for Worldwider Fax after Nolita is Gladys b of Switzerland. Here is a little insight in to her work and how she operates. We are very glad to have Gladys as part of the team. Please have a look below. Each picture is also a link to her personal site.

”I’m gladys, a Swiss freelance illustrator and painter.
To create my artwork I usually love to mix traditional and digital painting techniques.
The main subject of my illustrations are feminine figures through a
certain range of feeling, and funny animals.
What attracted me most about the Worldwider project is the idea of sharing
experiences and different culture from mine through language of art. I
really hope this project will go so far!”

I received the fax from a Great artist Nearski in England. This Worldwider Fax is a new creative way to collaborate with other artists using a kind of classic machine(especially my fax machine is so classic:P). We can see some unexpected result when it is sent by fax. It is very exciting and fun! I drew about the fact that we still keep cutting trees and deforesting in spite of that we are aware of that the ecosystem is broken by our selfishness. Japanese goverment is trying to make more roads in countryside. They don’t care about the wildlife.

I often see it on TV news that wild animals come looking for something to eat to villages and people are trying to kill them as if the land is originally people’s property, not wild animal’s despite that people invaded there, cutting forest and took away what wild animals need for living later… and We are also still cutting more trees and deforesting oversea in order to get material of papers, disposable chopsticks and toothpicks. Japan is second of the most paper consuming country and keep using a lot of wooden disposable chopsticks and toothpicks. They are not all recycled, made with more newly cut trees still. It is what makes me unhappy in the society I live.

Keren Taggar

October 26, 2008

Keren is the next artist in line to receive Worldwider Foam, as we wait to see the results I thought I’d let you see some of her work and know a little bit about her and her beautiful work.

”I recently graduated with honors from the “Bezalel Academy
of Art and Design” in Jerualem, Israel. I specialized in illustration.

My two passion in life are drawing and reading, so finding
such a thing as “illustration” existed was a complete joy.

I love making sequences of images that create a story, I love
trying to draw thoughts and feelings – things that are
“un-drawable”, I also love drawing from life, and especially
love it when i find people somehow understand what i do.

I live in Tel Aviv, my favorite city, with my favorite man
and my two favorite cats…”

Worldwider Fax Japan

October 25, 2008

If you have a look below you will see that the Worldwider Fax began yesterday. Well, it has arrived in Japan and has already had some very interesting outcomes. Please compare these photos to that of the post below. Sending just the first fax has already started to manipulate the initial drawings. : ) Exciting stuff! It will be great to see what happens next

The very talented Nolita San has it right now and will be sending it off again shortly. Here are some photos she sent me on the arrival of the Fax.

Worldwider Fax

October 24, 2008

Worldwider Fax is the 3rd of our series of mini projects that will accompany the main roll that is on its way to Ecuador as we speak. Fax is quite an interesting medium as it hardly exists at all anymore in the home or workspace but still it can be found in print shops and post offices.

It will be very interesting to see how images will change when being sent by Fax. Surely the previous pictures will slowly start to deteriorate as fax is sent again and again. It will be interesting to see the results.

Again with this I followed our intial them of ‘What makes me unhappy in the society I live in.’ I faxed it to Nolita in Japan a couple of hours ago so it will be great to see how it came out on her side.

Here are some examples.

‘Worldwider Food’ ?

October 23, 2008

The second of our series of mini Worldwider ideas is ‘Worldwider Food.’  Inspiration for the project came when I spilled half a cup of Green Tea over a drawing I was doing, it created quite an impressive effect. (See below)  For this project artists will use foods, teas, sauces, spices etc to create their work.  I think it will be very interesting to see how long a piece like this could travel and what will happen to it. It will no doubt begin to smell and who knows what else.

The theme of this project is ‘What is your countries most loved dish?’ This is quite an interesting one because according to a recent vote, the best loved dish in the UK is Chicken Tikka Masala (an indian curry) not Fish and Chips as you all may have thought.

I started the piece as you can see below.  For my piece I used HP Sauce (very British kind of Steak Sauce) it has quite a powering vinegary smell so it will be interesting to see how long that lasts.  The piece is on its way to Oliver Dominguez in the US right now. Thanks Oliver.

All this food talk is making me hungry : ) Here are some pics.

We will keep posted on how this turns out!

Worldwider on Foam

October 22, 2008

It’s amazing what materials you can send through the post nowadays.. This is the first of a series of smaller and more accessible versions of Worldwider with the same intentions of the roll of paper.  Testing other mediums and ways of connecting artists. It is long piece of foam that used kind of like a post card, except the image of the postcard will be created as the piece travels. We have used the same topic as the roll of paper. ‘What makes me unhappy about the society I live in.’

One side is the Image and the other is for addresses and stamps… The address on the foam should simply be crossed over and new one painted on each time the piece moves on.

Again this was started in England but will move onto Keren Taggar In Israel within the week Thanks Keren!! Please excuse my messy worktop. : )