Worldwider Fax – Nolita Finished

October 27, 2008

I received the fax from a Great artist Nearski in England. This Worldwider Fax is a new creative way to collaborate with other artists using a kind of classic machine(especially my fax machine is so classic:P). We can see some unexpected result when it is sent by fax. It is very exciting and fun! I drew about the fact that we still keep cutting trees and deforesting in spite of that we are aware of that the ecosystem is broken by our selfishness. Japanese goverment is trying to make more roads in countryside. They don’t care about the wildlife.

I often see it on TV news that wild animals come looking for something to eat to villages and people are trying to kill them as if the land is originally people’s property, not wild animal’s despite that people invaded there, cutting forest and took away what wild animals need for living later… and We are also still cutting more trees and deforesting oversea in order to get material of papers, disposable chopsticks and toothpicks. Japan is second of the most paper consuming country and keep using a lot of wooden disposable chopsticks and toothpicks. They are not all recycled, made with more newly cut trees still. It is what makes me unhappy in the society I live.

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