Worldwider Food Part 2

October 29, 2008

Hows it going folks, My name is Oliver, I was brought in this collaboration by Nearski, it was very exciting to do something different for a change. The first thing I brought to the table was thoughts on my cities favorite drink or ingredient. I live in Miami, FL. and in Miami there very well know hispanic culture. So the favorite drink that everyone consumes is the Cuban Coffee! If its for morning, afternoon, or dinner everyone drinks it at any time. Thats my first medium 2nd is my favorite ingredient called Sazon, you see it in the images. So this is my approach to the postcard. A little fat boy!! Hungry and angry. Tell me what you think guys. Next flight the postcard is taking is Argentina. I think!


Oliver Illustrator

4 Responses to “Worldwider Food Part 2”

  1. nearski said

    Brilliant stuff Oliver! Love it!

  2. Nolita said

    It looks great! ahhh…I am so hungry now.

  3. Green-T said

    So dope! Great work man.. I love the idea of a painting with an expiry date

  4. Thanks guys for all your kind words.


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