The ‘Worldwider Box’

October 30, 2008

Welcome to number 4 in our mini series of Worldwider. This is Worldwider box. A little more risky than the past few projects, the Worldwider Box has the potential for some very interesting outcomes.

Basically what happens is each artist will work on the inside of a Box, this will then be folded into shape and sent to next artist. Now for the exciting part. Before sending the box, the Artist should place some materials in the box. (For example Paints, Pastels, Chalk, ink etc..)

After the artist has placed his materials in the box it is then sent to the next artist. The aim is that the movement of the box during its travels will create its own image that the next artist will then draw onto.

I started the box in the photos. My materials left inside were 2 water balloons, one filled with red ink and the other with yellow ink. I then added 3 pieces of charcoal for good measure. I pricked to small holes in the balloons, closed the lid, and wrapped up the box ready to send to Yuta in Canada.

Have a look below and what I drew. This project will go off the opposite topic of the massive roll and will be on ‘What makes me happy about the society I live in.’ I drew about the many faces I see here in britain each day and the strong sense of multi-culturalism.

One Response to “The ‘Worldwider Box’”

  1. Nolita said

    Your artwork is incredibly dope as always and the idea is really fun! tanoshimi dane-!

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