Nolita ノリ-タ Japan

October 31, 2008

Nolita is an incredible artist from Japan, she has already done some amazing work on Worldwider Fax and is next in line for Worldwider Food. Here is an introduction to her and some examples of her work.
”I naturally started to draw at very young age and have learned technical drawing in High
school. Oil and acrylic painting, plus visual design in Tokyo and NYC. Followed by Suibokuga (Traditional Chinese and Japanese ink painting) after moved back to Japan. I got a master degree of
Sogetsu (Japanese flower arrangement) and still keep learning to be a higher leveled
master. I basically use Sumi ink, pencil and a bit of computer editing for my art.

Making art to me is one of the way to express being myself as a woman whose roots are in
Japan, but who has been inspired and influenced by a lot of different cultures and people.
International communication and Music also take a big part of me and
my art since I was a teenager. Art is a learning tool to know the truth
of things deeply and to get many points of views across, many things that we need for
living our lives.
We can be influenced by each other, learn and understand differences and more importantly
we can share the happiness of making Art beyond borders and all cultural differences through
this project. This is the moment I can feel that all people around the world are not
different in heart and it make my heart really warm and filled with a feeling of love. The Worldwider project gives us that joy.”

2 Responses to “Nolita ノリ-タ Japan”

  1. yuta said

    I love your sensitive line work!

  2. Green-T said

    Nolita is crazy fresh!!! Thanks so much for the cosmic flavour artwork!!

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