Monsta of France

November 28, 2008

Introducing the first French artist of the Worldwider Project. Monsta is now working on the Worldwider Postcard and is expected to bring his army to the Battle Roll. Here are some examples of the great work he does.




_Hi, I’m 25 and I used to draw monsters since… I don’t know actually…and…

_Shut your face… ok, I’m Monsta, I’m around 4 and I got stuck in the head of this small stupid man…

_hey…I’m not small.

_I love music, pencils, paint, spraycans, markers, coffee, monsters, toys, posters, canvases, walls, roofs…

_I agree…

_And I hate humans!

_wow! don’t you think it’s a bit strong ?

_Naaa… for sure I love some illustrators, street artists, painters or musicians.
I’m glad to share art and to take part in collective activities, That’s why I’m up for the Worldwider project.



Worldwider Fax Cyprus.

November 27, 2008

Worldwider Fax has reached its 6th destination. Cyprus. Ioanna Philippou added the next part to project. You can see below her progress and how the Fax is coming together. It is starting to look very nice and complete. Soon it will be time for a new Fax piece to be launched.

As always click on the image to zoom.


”The thing that makes me unhappy about the society I live in is the ongoing issue of Cyprus dispute. Cyprus is the only divided country left in the world… for almost 35 years now there is a territorial conflict between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. Cyprus has always been in wars since the ancient times because of its geographic location and of course its beauty… With the opening of the boarders in April of 2003 I had the opportunity to visit a part of my country that I have never seen before and as being part of the younger generation that has not lived through the war I understood how hard but at the same time how important it is for a solution to come. Anyways I guess the thing that makes me unhappy is that there will never be a solution that is truly fair to the people and the war left deep scars in both Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. Ok so to end this I hope that one day a solution will come to my country and Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots can live together and united without any foreign interference.” – Ioanna Philippou

Worldwider Roll: Miami Part 3

November 26, 2008

The illustration was to illustrated what I depict wrong about the society I live in. I find poor education is something that I find wrong in the states. Mixing poor and guns and lack of education is something that must be focus on. So its a montage of elements in one piece. Not sure if that works all together, but why not, it was fun to do. Here are my steps in how I came about to create this illustration. So next is to Brazil, the artist name is Fernando Chamarelli. Enjoy my friends.


Oliver D.


Chamarelli. Brazil

November 25, 2008

Worldwider is proud to announce another new artist. Chamarelli is our first artist from Brazil. You can see examples of his wonderful work and a short introduction from the man himself below. He will be the next artist to paint on the the main Worldwider Roll after Oliver Dominguez in the USA.


ÓRION DESCANSA NO MEU CHAPÉU.70 x 90cm (2008). (acrylic on canvas)

“I am Chamarelli, a Brazilian graphic designer and illustrator. In past years I have dedicated all my free time to paint. I was very happy to be invited to be part of the Worldwider Project. It will be a very interesting experience for me.”


FRONTEIRA,(2008) 70x 90cm, acrílica e óleo sobre tela (acrylic and oil on canvas)

The Worldwider Fax began in England with Nearski, than it arrived in Japan with Nolita, followed were trips to Switzerland with Gladys and Serbia with Nenad. It is now ready to leave Italy where the talented ‘China di Keme’ added his work. The next destination is sunny Cyprus with Ioanna.


It is incredible to see how the piece is manipulated by the transmission of Fax. If you compare the first drawings from Nearski to how they look in the last photo they have changed drastically. Some may say even in to more interesting images.

A Worldwider Tale

November 22, 2008

“In a secret corner of the city, cocooned by the dark Esquilino and Prenestina search the sky…”


Today the wonderful Gladys B of Switzerland created a the ‘Worldwider Tale’ a tale which will be created while travelling from country to country. Each artist writes a part of the tale and illustrates it. Gladys obviously spent a lot of time and effort creating the wonderful book in which the tale will continue.

Her work is beautiful isn’t it!

Thankyou Gladys :


Oliver Dominguez is an incredibly talented illustrator from Florida, USA. Oliver has already worked on Worldwider food and is currently working on the Main Worldwider Roll of Paper. This is an opportunity for us to learn about the man himself and how he works. Below is a biography and some examples of his work.


”Born and raised in Miami, family from Colombia. Graduated from Florida city’s Sarasota School; Ringling College of Art and Design. Everyday, I dedicate my life in search of inspirations, motivations and influences that can make me a better artist.I have discovered that American history has a lot of influential pioneers in the art world.My admiration of the American Illustration masters like Howard Pyle, Norman Rockwell, and NC Wyeth, and many more, who were pioneers in their time, have inspired me through my arts.In my illustration process I learned to take an actual personal experience and translate it into my own artistic language.I was very pleased with my work during my education in Ringling College of Art and Design and believe this is a great starting point to my career as an editorial illustrator.I will continue to research and dedicate my future to my personal legend as an artist and Illustration.”Oliver Dominguez

Clients: Men’s Style Australian Magazine, Gulf Coast 500 Magazine, Polluto Magazine, Season Magazine.

Publication: BECA Gallery: New Orleans 2008, TaTa Gala Gallery Show 2007, Society of Illustrator 50, CMYK Magazine Issue 40, Creative Quarterly Magazine issue 10.


Website: Blog:

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New Worlwider Foam + Postcard

November 21, 2008


This week we will launch a series of mini projects based on the topic of superstitions. The aim of the pieces are to explore how superstitions differ from country to country. In britian there are many old stories, mythes and strange superstitions. Examples being, if you break a mirror it is 7 years bad luck, it is unlucky to walk underneath a ladder, it is unlucky to see one magpie and it is unlucky to spill salt. Good luck can be brought through touching wood, seeing a black cat, or hanging a horse shoe over your door.

My illustrations are based on the Magpie and the spilled salt.


The Postcard is on its way to Monsta in France, while the Foam is on its way to Mariana Pereyra in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Have a great weekend everyone! love Nearski

Panda Crew

November 20, 2008

The incredibly talented Panda Crew are next in line for the Battle Roll here are some examples of their work and how they get down. It will be interesting to see how they come up against the powerful Nearski army : )


”We are Pandacrew, ETC and me, ANT a.k.a pndk. We started in 1999, it was originally a comics fanzine based in St-Etienne, France. Now I’m 28 years, and I organize exhibitions in different places while
ETC take care of the site”