Worldwider Fax – Switzerland

November 4, 2008

The mini series of Worldwider Fax is the fastest moving out of all the Worldwider series. Now it has reached its third destination of Switzerland. Swiss artist Gladys continues on our intial topic. ‘What makes me unhappy about the society I live in’ Gladys worked on the issue of the Swiss Army and obligatory military duty. Please see below…


”Hi everybody, i’m Gladys I recently received the fax from Nolita a great artist from Japan. Well one of the things that really disturbs me about the society of Switzerland and enrages me a lot is the nature of the Swiss army. I truly believe there are too many weapons in this little country. Everybody is talking about how pacific we are, so why our government have to spend so much money on our military? Why does every young man have to do obligatory military service? And why once they’ve finished they are free to bring theirs guns home? i really wish that my country is more coherent.”

Next stop for Worldwider Fax is Serbia with Nenad. The results have been spectacular so far thankyou to everyone involved.

2 Responses to “Worldwider Fax – Switzerland”

  1. Nolita said

    Wow, great work! I love it and I even could get to know the issues in swiss I have never known before this. Thanks worldwider and I love the work again Gladys:)

  2. gladysb said

    hi nolita 🙂
    thanks so much! i really appreciate your comment ..yeah is one of the aspect of my society that really disturb me.

    bye gle

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