Worldwider Admirer

November 5, 2008

Worldwider Admirer is the next step in our mini series of the Worldwider project. The basic concept is that Worldwider artists will approach their favorite artists to collaborate with them on the piece. The chances of refusal or no reply from the artist approached are high but it will be very interesting to see the outcomes and compassion of the artists. If successful the piece will be sent back to me and the next Worldwider Artist will approach their favorite Artist.


The topic of the project is that Artists will work to the main issue in their countries news of the day they start the piece. The issue I chose to cover here was the issue of an innocent Brazilian being shot by police in London after July 7th 2005, as British society and police decisions remained fear stricken and frantic.

I sent my work to artists Kozyndan. I have been a great admirer of their work for many years. They are a great inspiration to me and simply amazingly talented artists.

One Response to “Worldwider Admirer”

  1. Nolita said

    Thank you always ニャー(ニア)スキー. You are truely talented! tensai ne!

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