Worldwider Food in Japan

November 6, 2008


The Worldwider Food post card arrived to me in Japan from a tremendous artist Oliver from Florida. At First, I sniffed at the postcard. I expected it smells something but it didn’t…Maybe the smell’s gone by the long trip.

I was thinking what is the most popular food in Japan…There are many. We Japanese love any foods all around the world but I think as for a pure Japanese food we keep loving since long time ago is Soba(buckwheat) noodle. Soba noodle has been eaten since around 1570 and It was kinda like fast food at that time. We eat Soba noodle a lot as a healthy popular food and also eat it at night of every new year’s eve and it’s called Toshikoshi Soba. It is an old custom that dates back to Edo era and the origin is said that old japanese people wished on eating Soba noodle that they could have a long and thin lives like soba noodle. I think they meant thin as modest… And now we still eat it with a wish for a good luck, getting rid of bad luck and being healthy on the new year’s eve.


One of the ways we eat it is dipping soba noodle into Bonito broth and Soy Sauce based soup with Wasabi and a cup of hot Green Tea aside. So I used soy sause and green tea as medium and try to express the feeling of that when we suck soba with making some noise(it might sounds wierd but it is the genuine manner and the best way for eating soba) and fair brownish greenish grey color of soba.

One Response to “Worldwider Food in Japan”

  1. nearski said

    Wow! I really love the results! Great stuff Nolita!
    : )

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