Worlwider Fax – Serbia

November 13, 2008

The exciting mini series of Worldwider Fax has been quite a traveller so far, starting from the UK but than to Japan, Switzerland and now Serbia. Still continuing the topic for this piece with ‘What makes me unhappy about the Society I live in.’ After Gladys in Switzerland the piece was sent by the very talented Nenad in Serbia.
Please read his statement below.



Well since there are many grim topics and sad things I could tell you about my country, I had to pick one for Worldwider Fax Project. Thanks Nearski and Gladys! This one is the dream of the world with no borders. So while they* deforest ,grow us into little soldiers and make us even more paranoid than we already are, among many things I focused on isolation. Or stillness if you like. For many years,majority of young people (that had enough of good life ) in Serbia are denied the “luxury” of traveling .Escaping could be more punctual word. The process of getting a passport is dumb slow and money consuming.Real nerve extreme sport!

Then if you’re lucky enough to collect all documentation (ID’s,birth certificate,parents ID,shoe size,teeth shade…for which this process is repeated) and bureaucracy sheets,and get the damn passport yet there’s another obstacle ahead.

You have to have visa,right? No,not the credit card.But that colorful stamp which gets you across the border of some country.

And that applies for most of the countries in the world.Well…It’s a pure gamble to get one and it is worse than the wild west casino. In the end,to get the story short, if you collect all of these,you’re 5 years older and naked broke. I’m not saying it’s impossible,just hard to accomplish and disheartening. This is of course caused by bad politics and power hungry individuals, but that’s a subject for another project

If there were no borders,deforestation,army obligation,discrimination….etc

…I guess this project wouldn’t exist (as in it’s current form and idea),

but that would be the price we would all be happy to pay.Wouldn’t we

Stay well!

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