The Battle Roll

November 14, 2008


This is something I have wanted to load up for a long time. A bit of fun really, but will surely have some great outcomes. This is the ‘Battle Roll’ where each artist builds an army of characters and challenges the next artist to battle. Keeping in true Worldwider fashion this is sent by post for the next artist to build their army and try kill off the previous army.


This is the Nearski Army, please don’t be fooled by there friendly exterior, they are very vicious and one should be vary careful if they do come into contact with them not to anger them. : )

4 Responses to “The Battle Roll”

  1. Nolita said

    Incredible work Nearski!!! I have already beaten up by your great creativity:)

  2. HighlanderMonkey said

    Ace drawings. Add a guy with dynamite stuck to him next time.

  3. Green-T said

    Cant step to these.. murda

  4. malcopath said

    easy.. im on ur side.

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