Meet Catriel Martinez

November 18, 2008


”I was born on a summer day in Gualeguaychú, right in the eastern
Argentine coast, which is why I am addicted to mate. With the
coming-of-age, I flew out of the nest and I settled down in Buenos
Aires. I studied Advertising and Design and have worked in the graphic
design industry for many years (about ten), developing identity
projects, editorials and packaging for several brands. I am in charge
of the visual identity of the “Museo del Dibujo y la Ilustración”
exhibitions (Drawing and Illustration Museum). In the past few years,
I reconnected with something I really enjoyed as a child: drawing.


I am currently attending an Illustration workshop. I work in both
mediums (digital and handmade) and I love to mix them. I usually work
with goauche, coloured pencils, ink, acrylics, collage and photoshop.
I have participated in many art projects and exhibitions, and some of
my work has been seen in different media around Spain, Germany, Costa
Rica, and Argentina. I´m really happy with being part of Worldwider
Project. I´ve always been interested in collaborative projects, in
which collective creation and the concept of sharing through art are


Catriel is currently working on Worldwider Food. I will let you know as soon as the work is done. To see more of Catriel’s work please click on an image to reach the website.

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