Worldwider Game

November 19, 2008

Today I created a Worldwider postal game. I am not sure if you know the game where you fold a piece of paper in to three, and then 3 artists take turns to draw a third of the body and then you unfold it to see an odd looking character. Well I used to play it as a child and I thought it would be interesting to see if it would work internationally.

I sent 10 sheets with either a head body or legs on to 10 countries. Korea, Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Zambia, Kenya, Ghana, Guatemala and Mexico. I sent the pieces with out any pre-warning to schools and universities in these countries addressed just to 2 happy artists. It will be interesting to see who sends the game back. I am aiming for about 5. : )

Click on this photo.


The main reason behind this is to make connections to places and people it may be impossible to via the internet, build on these connections and spread our message of international understanding and cultural awareness further through the medium of Art.

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