New Worlwider Foam + Postcard

November 21, 2008


This week we will launch a series of mini projects based on the topic of superstitions. The aim of the pieces are to explore how superstitions differ from country to country. In britian there are many old stories, mythes and strange superstitions. Examples being, if you break a mirror it is 7 years bad luck, it is unlucky to walk underneath a ladder, it is unlucky to see one magpie and it is unlucky to spill salt. Good luck can be brought through touching wood, seeing a black cat, or hanging a horse shoe over your door.

My illustrations are based on the Magpie and the spilled salt.


The Postcard is on its way to Monsta in France, while the Foam is on its way to Mariana Pereyra in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Have a great weekend everyone! love Nearski

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