Worldwider Roll: Miami Part 3

November 26, 2008

The illustration was to illustrated what I depict wrong about the society I live in. I find poor education is something that I find wrong in the states. Mixing poor and guns and lack of education is something that must be focus on. So its a montage of elements in one piece. Not sure if that works all together, but why not, it was fun to do. Here are my steps in how I came about to create this illustration. So next is to Brazil, the artist name is Fernando Chamarelli. Enjoy my friends.


Oliver D.


3 Responses to “Worldwider Roll: Miami Part 3”

  1. nearski said

    incredible work! Beautiful!

  2. Nolita said

    Wow… great work!

  3. Green-T said

    So dope man.. big props! You got a real gift there..

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