Monsta of France

November 28, 2008

Introducing the first French artist of the Worldwider Project. Monsta is now working on the Worldwider Postcard and is expected to bring his army to the Battle Roll. Here are some examples of the great work he does.




_Hi, I’m 25 and I used to draw monsters since… I don’t know actually…and…

_Shut your face… ok, I’m Monsta, I’m around 4 and I got stuck in the head of this small stupid man…

_hey…I’m not small.

_I love music, pencils, paint, spraycans, markers, coffee, monsters, toys, posters, canvases, walls, roofs…

_I agree…

_And I hate humans!

_wow! don’t you think it’s a bit strong ?

_Naaa… for sure I love some illustrators, street artists, painters or musicians.
I’m glad to share art and to take part in collective activities, That’s why I’m up for the Worldwider project.


4 Responses to “Monsta of France”

  1. thereza said

    really cool project 🙂

  2. kate_bee said

    and this is why i should stop drawing haha

  3. Green-T said

    So fresh!!

  4. Monsta said

    cheers 😉
    and a big thanks to Nearski to give me the opportunity to work on this project!

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