Worldwider Food 2 Canada

December 20, 2008


Yuta Onoda has started the second in our Worldwider Food series from Canada. For those not familiar with the project, the artist must use food to create their part of the piece which move from artist to artist all over the world. A project with an expiry date.

Click below to see images of Yuta’s great work and the progess leading up to the final piece.


Superstition Roll in Japan

December 17, 2008


Hello I’m Nolita in Japan. I got the Superstion Roll from the Brilliant artist Nearski in England. About Superstitions in Japan, many old superstitions have been ingraned in our traditions, customs and festivals.

I think it is because Japanese in ancient deeply believed in spiritualities and in many different gods of nature which controlled everything.

I thought about a good luck superstition, which has been handed down by mouth since long long time ago. It has been said that the family or the bussiness in the house which was choosen by swallows for making their nest to lay eggs and to bring up their babies will be very happy and successfull for long time. I heared this from my grandmother when I was a small child and still believe it. I have been waiting for swallows come to my house every spring and I have seen sometimes they were looking for some place for their nest around the eaves in my house but they are really careful and even watching us if we have any cats or some enemies… I am a cat lover and there have been always cats in my house since when I was a child so they don’t choose my house… but I can feel happy simply by seeing swallows are flying around my house:)

Battle Roll Réunion Island

December 12, 2008


The Worldwider Battle Roll’s stay in the Réunion Island, with the wonderful host Ant of the Panda Crew has come to an end. The Panda Crew are in full force, and look meaner than ever.

For those not familiar with the Battle Roll, this is simply a bit of fun we are having where character design artists are having one epic battle on a roll of paper. You can see the beginning below.


The piece is off to Mayotte Island next for the other half of the Panda Crew, ETC, to do some damage. After that it goes east to the great Robonut in China.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Foam Foam Foam

December 9, 2008

So with one ‘lost’ in the post, I decided not to loose all hope of sending Foam-Board postcards through the post and to attempt one last try. Over the weekend I created 3 new foam boards. All working off the current theme of superstitions. I am very interested to see if they arrive… and I have not lost faith in the Post office… yet. : )


I put my Christmas Wishes to the Postal Service on the back of the Card. Hopefully this will help.

Due to the recent disappearance of Worldwider Foam 2. I decided to relaunch the idea in Box form, as this seems to be a safer option. For those who are not familiar with the Worldwider Box – artists work on the inside of the box, fold it up ready to send, then place something inside that will make a mark. The aim is that the transmission process will create an image on the inside box which the next artist will work into. (here I placed a sponge full of acrylic paint in the box.)

Nearski Superstitions Box Worldwider

The topic for this project is Superstitions, each artists will work to this theme, relating it to the country where they live. In the UK it is said that if you see a magpie on its own it is good luck. It is also said it is bad luck to spill salt. I hope this explains the work above.
The work is on its way to Monsta in Lyon, France.

Roll 2 Superstitions UK

December 5, 2008

The Worldwider main roll now has a new slightly smaller partner. The second roll has a different topic. Through this roll we exploring superstitions, is there a strong belief in superstitions in your country? What superstitions are there?


My work is related to childhood stories and superstitions. In the UK you are told if you pull a silly face and the wind changes, it will stay that way forever. And also if you break a mirror it is 7 years bad luck.

The roll is on its way to the great Nolita in Japan. Who will work into my work.



Adding Fuel to Worldwider

December 5, 2008


Our latest addition on the Worldwider Project is the wonderful Add Fuel to the Fire from Portugal. Add Fuel to fire will be battling it out on the Worldwider Battle Roll just after the new year.

Here are some examples of the work he does.


The add fuel to the fire universe is unlimited. From the character to its transformation in an abstract form, going through (eventually) reality. It came to life from a variety of inspirations, that go through the obvious street art, to video games, to traveling and finding closure in everyday elements and situations that are part of life as well as inspirations in all small details that are inevitably absorbed.

His path began as a graphic designer at IADE. In his second degree year, he started working for Pkage Design. After a brief stay in Germany in 2007, also in the graphic design area, returning to Portugal with determination, reinforced his attitude as an artist and illustrator. Concerning new technologies, he explored the vectorial language, photography and Photoshop. As time went by, he returned to markers and to hand techniques, where he sought his personal style. Articulating the analogical of the paper and the wall with the digital, where he found his own expression, never losing sight of his graphic designing background.


He is now involved in several commissions and projects, Worldwider is one of them. Expect to see a massive playground of add fuel to the fire’s characters, some fighting, some loving, as it is in life, as we all do everyday. Nevertheless, always burning. see you soon…!

Worldwider Box Canada

December 4, 2008


The Worldwider Box is where an artist paints on the inside of a cardboard box. Then places some paints or any mark making materials inside the box and sends it away. Hoping that the materials inside will make some interesting marks during the Box’s transmission, on which, the next artist can work.

I sent the box with two small water balloons filled with ink. Yuta Onoda worked on the project in Canada. His works is beautiful and he has transformed a somewhat ugly, damaged box into something very beautiful.

Here is Yuta’s work. Click to enlarge.


This project runs off the topic of ‘What makes me happy about the society I live in’ opposite to the previous topic. This is Yuta’s explanation of his work.

”The idea that I had in my mind was about being in a relationship with someone special. I sometimes get a feeling that I am happy as long as I am with someone special. It could be friends, family, or girl/ boyfriends. I wanted to show relation to each other that’s why there is a girl sitting on a boy, relaxed and looking at the moon. And she is in his mind. I think relationship is one of the most important parts that makes me happy about the society I live in.”


We are please to announce the Worldwider Food project has reached its 4th continent. The great Catriel Martinez is was the artist, – ” I chose to work with Yerba mate, the main ingredient for a hot typical infusion, called “mate”. While painting, i was drinking mate too 🙂 ” For those not familiar with the Worldwider Food project, each artist must use a food related to their Country, on the painting. This may have some interesting outcomes. It is interesting to think of a project that has an expiry date.

Here are some images of Catriel’s Work. Click to enlarge.