Worldwider Box Canada

December 4, 2008


The Worldwider Box is where an artist paints on the inside of a cardboard box. Then places some paints or any mark making materials inside the box and sends it away. Hoping that the materials inside will make some interesting marks during the Box’s transmission, on which, the next artist can work.

I sent the box with two small water balloons filled with ink. Yuta Onoda worked on the project in Canada. His works is beautiful and he has transformed a somewhat ugly, damaged box into something very beautiful.

Here is Yuta’s work. Click to enlarge.


This project runs off the topic of ‘What makes me happy about the society I live in’ opposite to the previous topic. This is Yuta’s explanation of his work.

”The idea that I had in my mind was about being in a relationship with someone special. I sometimes get a feeling that I am happy as long as I am with someone special. It could be friends, family, or girl/ boyfriends. I wanted to show relation to each other that’s why there is a girl sitting on a boy, relaxed and looking at the moon. And she is in his mind. I think relationship is one of the most important parts that makes me happy about the society I live in.”

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