Adding Fuel to Worldwider

December 5, 2008


Our latest addition on the Worldwider Project is the wonderful Add Fuel to the Fire from Portugal. Add Fuel to fire will be battling it out on the Worldwider Battle Roll just after the new year.

Here are some examples of the work he does.


The add fuel to the fire universe is unlimited. From the character to its transformation in an abstract form, going through (eventually) reality. It came to life from a variety of inspirations, that go through the obvious street art, to video games, to traveling and finding closure in everyday elements and situations that are part of life as well as inspirations in all small details that are inevitably absorbed.

His path began as a graphic designer at IADE. In his second degree year, he started working for Pkage Design. After a brief stay in Germany in 2007, also in the graphic design area, returning to Portugal with determination, reinforced his attitude as an artist and illustrator. Concerning new technologies, he explored the vectorial language, photography and Photoshop. As time went by, he returned to markers and to hand techniques, where he sought his personal style. Articulating the analogical of the paper and the wall with the digital, where he found his own expression, never losing sight of his graphic designing background.


He is now involved in several commissions and projects, Worldwider is one of them. Expect to see a massive playground of add fuel to the fire’s characters, some fighting, some loving, as it is in life, as we all do everyday. Nevertheless, always burning. see you soon…!

One Response to “Adding Fuel to Worldwider”

  1. Monsta said

    yeh! glad to see you here, I really like your work !

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