Superstition Roll in Japan

December 17, 2008


Hello I’m Nolita in Japan. I got the Superstion Roll from the Brilliant artist Nearski in England. About Superstitions in Japan, many old superstitions have been ingraned in our traditions, customs and festivals.

I think it is because Japanese in ancient deeply believed in spiritualities and in many different gods of nature which controlled everything.

I thought about a good luck superstition, which has been handed down by mouth since long long time ago. It has been said that the family or the bussiness in the house which was choosen by swallows for making their nest to lay eggs and to bring up their babies will be very happy and successfull for long time. I heared this from my grandmother when I was a small child and still believe it. I have been waiting for swallows come to my house every spring and I have seen sometimes they were looking for some place for their nest around the eaves in my house but they are really careful and even watching us if we have any cats or some enemies… I am a cat lover and there have been always cats in my house since when I was a child so they don’t choose my house… but I can feel happy simply by seeing swallows are flying around my house:)

One Response to “Superstition Roll in Japan”

  1. nearski said

    So nice Nolita! Well done!

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