Worldwider Box 2 France

January 7, 2009


Monsta of France is the second artist to work on the Superstions box following my myself (Nearski) here in the UK. For those of you who are not sure of how the Worldwider Box works it is simple, each artist works on the inside of the Box and when finished sends it the next. The catch is, the artist must place something that will make a mark inside the box. With the bumpy ride from one place to the next, what ever was inside will add to the image. For example before I sent the Box to Monsta I put a paint soaked sponge in the box.


The topic of this particular box is ‘Superstitions’ each artist paints about Superstitions in there own countries. Monsta’s explanation is below.


”In France, if you bump into a black cat in the street, it brings you misfortune. Furthermore, the number 13 is a bad luck symbol (like number 4 in Japan), it’s better not be 13th for dinner for example…strange belief  😉  I draw a black cat called “thirteen the shadow cat” and he had just devoured a bird…maybe a magpie 😀 ” – Monsta

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