Worldwider Box 2 – Ice Cream

January 21, 2009


The second Worldwider Box stayed a few more nights in France as Monsta passed it on to Ice Cream. Working on the issue of ‘Superstitions’ Ice Cream’s work was a brilliant addition, giving us all further insight into French beliefs.


” This image is about the confrontation of some diferent signs of good and bad luck into a funny composition…Opening an umbrella indoors and the popular “black cat” are signs of bad luck … well… in France ! But, finding a four-leaf clover and the date friday 13th are good stuff…My character is wearing a mask because i love it and there is no more relevant reason about it… 🙂 This friday 13th is going to be quite a strange, lucky and unlucky day for this dude… :)” – Ice Cream

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