Worldwider Dominos Portugal

February 16, 2009


New project Worldwider Dominos has reached its first destination from China di Keme in Italy. Clouds* is the second artist to work on this project where the theme is Music. Clouds*‘ work is about the traditional music of Portugal called Fado. The next destination for this piece is in England with Nearski.


Worldwider Box 1 Argentina

February 16, 2009


Worldwider Box 1 has reached its 3rd destination of Argentina with Catriel Marinez. The work is starting to look very interesting, each artist working on the topic of the societies in which they live and positives aspects that appear within them. Catriel has based his work on relationships and communication.

Worldwider Tale Ecuador

February 14, 2009


Recently Gladys of Switzerland lauched the Worldwider Tale. This is book created by Gladys where a story will unfold. Each artist will write a line to the story and create imagery to accompany it. Ecuador is the projects second destination, the wonderful Maureen Gubia added the work that can be seen above. Next destination is England, it’s very interesting to see how the story will unfold.

Worldwider Clouds*

February 9, 2009


We are happy to introduce our latest addition to the Worldwider team, Clouds* from Portugal. Clouds is the second artist to work on Worldwider from Portugal as the great ‘Add Fuel to the Fire’ is currently working on the Battle Roll.

Clouds* works mostly with acrylic, posca, aerosol, pencil.. there are some examples of his work above and below. Worldwider Dominos is the first project Clouds* to work on. (read more about Clouds* below)


“I created the Clouds*  more or less 1 year ago, I needed to escape from things, and it used him for that. I began to draw and to paint for him, but I didn’t know the reason well of why I was painting faces in that way with those expressions. I don’t identify with my supposed works as clouds… I can’t say “I’m Clouds*”

It’s strange but I can’t avoid him because he exists in some way.

It is any vital thing… “ – Clouds* 09/02/2009

Worldwider Domino’s

February 5, 2009


The great China di Keme from Italy has come up with an exciting new Worldwider project, Worldwider Domino’s.

1. Each artist will work on one piece drawn over two Domino’s. One that they received in the post from the previous artist, and one that they will start off.


2. Each artist must join the first part of their image to the previous artist work. The idea is that we will end up with a continuous image when all the Domino’s are put to together.

Artists will send the finished Domino back to the Worldwider Team and the new half done image to the next artist.


This project has the potential for some great outcomes! We can’t wait to see how this will turn out!

Worldwider Foam Cyprus

February 3, 2009

Worldwider Foam Feb 09 Ioanna

Worldwider Foam began in England, than moved on Israel, had a brief stop in Itlay, then continued on to Japan. About a week ago it arrived in Cyprus. Being one of the original projects launched on Worldwider its topic is ‘What makes me unhappy about the society I live in.’ Each artist works on the topic according to their own country. Below are the words of artist Ioanna Phillippou.


”I am sure this issue doesn’t just happen here in my country but exists in every country of the world. As we are entered a very hard period , with the economic crisis being present in our daily lives i’ve noticed that the egoistic character is even more apparent, but maybe it is a mean for survival, who knows… ” Ioanna Phillippou


The wonderful Gladys was next in line to work on Worldwider Box 2. Switzerland is the 4th destination for the Box after working its way from the UK and stopping off twice in France. The topic is ‘Superstitions,’ Worldwider artists are expressing what are considered superstitions in the country in which they live.

Gladys has drawn a woman in a purple dress. Apparently in Switzerland and the world of performing arts in particular wearing purple brings bad luck. Funnily enough Gladys claimed she was wearing a purple cardigan when she drew it. : – )