Worldwider Clouds*

February 9, 2009


We are happy to introduce our latest addition to the Worldwider team, Clouds* from Portugal. Clouds is the second artist to work on Worldwider from Portugal as the great ‘Add Fuel to the Fire’ is currently working on the Battle Roll.

Clouds* works mostly with acrylic, posca, aerosol, pencil.. there are some examples of his work above and below. Worldwider Dominos is the first project Clouds* to work on. (read more about Clouds* below)


“I created the Clouds*  more or less 1 year ago, I needed to escape from things, and it used him for that. I began to draw and to paint for him, but I didn’t know the reason well of why I was painting faces in that way with those expressions. I don’t identify with my supposed works as clouds… I can’t say “I’m Clouds*”

It’s strange but I can’t avoid him because he exists in some way.

It is any vital thing… “ – Clouds* 09/02/2009

One Response to “Worldwider Clouds*”

  1. clouds* said

    hello. I’m very happy to involving on this project as Clouds*

    big up from Portugal

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