The second Worldwider Roll has made reached China, and two wonderful artists named Driv and Momo. The basic concept of the project is that artists should work to the theme of supertitions, relating the work specifically to the country in which they live.


“Lotus is kind of a holy flower in China, Ancient god / Buddha is usually appeared on a Lotus seat.
Our drawing is about new life releasing from a seed-case of lotus, representing the growth of new generation in China.” –


Worldwider Poetry

March 12, 2009


Worldwider Poetry is a new and exciting project, and it is our first project that transcends to a different art form. It is as simple as it sounds, the project began here in the UK with a painting from Nearski. The painting is done inside the WW poetry book, this is then sent to a very talented poet in the Florida, Tijan Nicholson. Tijan will create a poem influenced by Nearskis’ image. The book will then continue to US artist Oliver Dominguez who paint to Tijans’ Poem, and so the cycle will continue.



Today the Worldwider Food 1 completed a full cycle and arrived back in the UK, it traveled many places, USA, Japan, Argentina, and Costa Rica. I am very pleased with the work, well done everyone!

Worldwider Food Colombia

March 5, 2009

worldwiderfoodtypozonThe second destination for the Worldwider Food 2 piece was Colombia, with the very talented Typozon. The project works simply, like all other Worldwider projects it sent around the world for different artist to collaborate on, yet this time artists much use a food of their country when creating the piece.

Typozon used Colombian Coffee and Water Colours on his piece, one thing we are very please about here at Worldwider is the way in which Typozons’ work connects so well with the work of Yuta Onoda.

(more info to come soon)


Worldwider Domino’s has reached its third destination so far, this time being the UK with me Nearski. My work joins to the great work of Clouds*, the topic for this project is music and each of the artists illustrate on music in their country. My work is related to the UK underground music scene which has thrived for many years and is very popular throughout the world.

Many music genres were born in the UK, from Punk Rock in the 70’s, through UK Ska, Techno, Jungle, Drum n Bass, Garage, Grime to Dub Step which is an exciting new genre of music which is taking the youth by storm. How this relates to my imagery is the connections the music has to the concrete and industrial life of the cities in the UK. In many cases the music is a rebellion against the government and society in which we live in, a voice for the unheard youth.