Worldwider Clouds*

February 9, 2009


We are happy to introduce our latest addition to the Worldwider team, Clouds* from Portugal. Clouds is the second artist to work on Worldwider from Portugal as the great ‘Add Fuel to the Fire’ is currently working on the Battle Roll.

Clouds* works mostly with acrylic, posca, aerosol, pencil.. there are some examples of his work above and below. Worldwider Dominos is the first project Clouds* to work on. (read more about Clouds* below)


“I created the Clouds*  more or less 1 year ago, I needed to escape from things, and it used him for that. I began to draw and to paint for him, but I didn’t know the reason well of why I was painting faces in that way with those expressions. I don’t identify with my supposed works as clouds… I can’t say “I’m Clouds*”

It’s strange but I can’t avoid him because he exists in some way.

It is any vital thing… “ – Clouds* 09/02/2009


Worldwider Domino’s

February 5, 2009


The great China di Keme from Italy has come up with an exciting new Worldwider project, Worldwider Domino’s.

1. Each artist will work on one piece drawn over two Domino’s. One that they received in the post from the previous artist, and one that they will start off.


2. Each artist must join the first part of their image to the previous artist work. The idea is that we will end up with a continuous image when all the Domino’s are put to together.

Artists will send the finished Domino back to the Worldwider Team and the new half done image to the next artist.


This project has the potential for some great outcomes! We can’t wait to see how this will turn out!

Worldwider Foam Cyprus

February 3, 2009

Worldwider Foam Feb 09 Ioanna

Worldwider Foam began in England, than moved on Israel, had a brief stop in Itlay, then continued on to Japan. About a week ago it arrived in Cyprus. Being one of the original projects launched on Worldwider its topic is ‘What makes me unhappy about the society I live in.’ Each artist works on the topic according to their own country. Below are the words of artist Ioanna Phillippou.


”I am sure this issue doesn’t just happen here in my country but exists in every country of the world. As we are entered a very hard period , with the economic crisis being present in our daily lives i’ve noticed that the egoistic character is even more apparent, but maybe it is a mean for survival, who knows… ” Ioanna Phillippou


The wonderful Gladys was next in line to work on Worldwider Box 2. Switzerland is the 4th destination for the Box after working its way from the UK and stopping off twice in France. The topic is ‘Superstitions,’ Worldwider artists are expressing what are considered superstitions in the country in which they live.

Gladys has drawn a woman in a purple dress. Apparently in Switzerland and the world of performing arts in particular wearing purple brings bad luck. Funnily enough Gladys claimed she was wearing a purple cardigan when she drew it. : – )



The second Worldwider Box stayed a few more nights in France as Monsta passed it on to Ice Cream. Working on the issue of ‘Superstitions’ Ice Cream’s work was a brilliant addition, giving us all further insight into French beliefs.


” This image is about the confrontation of some diferent signs of good and bad luck into a funny composition…Opening an umbrella indoors and the popular “black cat” are signs of bad luck … well… in France ! But, finding a four-leaf clover and the date friday 13th are good stuff…My character is wearing a mask because i love it and there is no more relevant reason about it… 🙂 This friday 13th is going to be quite a strange, lucky and unlucky day for this dude… :)” – Ice Cream


Here is a double post displaying the work of both China di Keme (Italy) and Nolita (Japan) On the original Worldwider Foam. This is a difficult medium to handle and a strange one for the post man so i am surprised it has got so far.
This project is working of the topic of ‘What makes me unhappy about the society I live in’ giving each Artist the chance to express their feelings on there own countries.


After travelling from England to Isreal, the Foam arrived in Italy with China di Keme. His work is the 3 TV head characters towards the centre of the image.

“There are many things that makes me unhappy about my country.
I chose the TV, because everything, family, religion, report, politics, seem sucked in it. ” – China di Keme


After Italy, China di Keme sent the Foam across to Japan straight away where Nolita got to work. Her work is the tree branch done with with Sumi Ink.

”Hello Im Nolita in Japan. I just finished with the foam, we draw or paint on the topic of “What makes me unhappy about the society I live in”. Doing The small project on this topic is second time for me to do and as I also worked did on Worldwider Fax, I expressed my feelings about deforestation again and this time I also tryed to express our blindness to the beauties in this world. There is a lot of sad and ugly things happening in this world that mostly we have been making by our selfish hands but we still have a lot of beatiful things at the same time. We are used to bad ugly things by watching news everyday but If we all could try to be aware of and see beautiful things more than watching news about bad ugly things, we might be able to change the world to a more peaceful and more beautiful world.

As You know, when you see or feel something beautiful, you don’t imagine any bad things or don’t like to do any ugly or selfish things… I think… So I really wish all the people in this world, especially the people in wealthy countries, could open their eyes and hearts to be able to see and feel the beautiful things more in us and in this world which are given to us to see and feel rather than complaining about something in our life and getting feel bad by watching bad news.” – Nolita

Introducing Ice Cream

January 12, 2009

Our newest addition to the Worldwider Team is a French Artist that goes by the name of ”ICE CREAM” he will be the next to work on the Worldwider Box 2. Here is some examples of the work he does.


bio coming shortly….


This is a very exciting post, as the Worldwider Roll is on the move again! The incredible Chamarelli of Brazil has blessed the piece with some incredible work.


Working to the topic of ‘What makes me unhappy about the society I live in’ Chamarelli touches on topics very important to him in Brazi, read more below.


”There are many things that make me unhappy and there are many problems in Brazil, many of them are caused indirectly by foreign debt. Foreign debt is a big problem because the interest charged is absurdly high and this reflects on the society, leaving the population in difficult situation. I wanted to show this in my art.” Chamarelli

Worldwider Box 2 France

January 7, 2009


Monsta of France is the second artist to work on the Superstions box following my myself (Nearski) here in the UK. For those of you who are not sure of how the Worldwider Box works it is simple, each artist works on the inside of the Box and when finished sends it the next. The catch is, the artist must place something that will make a mark inside the box. With the bumpy ride from one place to the next, what ever was inside will add to the image. For example before I sent the Box to Monsta I put a paint soaked sponge in the box.


The topic of this particular box is ‘Superstitions’ each artist paints about Superstitions in there own countries. Monsta’s explanation is below.


”In France, if you bump into a black cat in the street, it brings you misfortune. Furthermore, the number 13 is a bad luck symbol (like number 4 in Japan), it’s better not be 13th for dinner for example…strange belief  😉  I draw a black cat called “thirteen the shadow cat” and he had just devoured a bird…maybe a magpie 😀 ” – Monsta

Worldwider Food Costa Rica

January 7, 2009


Here are the final stages of the Worldwider Food 1. The wonderful Monfa of Costa Rica was the final artist on this project. The one rule of the Worldwider Food project is that the artist must use a food, drink, spice or sauce from there own country in the their piece.


The food I choose to work with was fruit, a tropical “papaya” and the Colorful “Mora” very popular in the zone. It was interesting to see the behavior of the colors and the result was unexpected!! – Monfa

More images coming soon