Worldwider Box 2 – Superstitions

December 7, 2008

Due to the recent disappearance of Worldwider Foam 2. I decided to relaunch the idea in Box form, as this seems to be a safer option. For those who are not familiar with the Worldwider Box – artists work on the inside of the box, fold it up ready to send, then place something inside that will make a mark. The aim is that the transmission process will create an image on the inside box which the next artist will work into. (here I placed a sponge full of acrylic paint in the box.)

Nearski Superstitions Box Worldwider

The topic for this project is Superstitions, each artists will work to this theme, relating it to the country where they live. In the UK it is said that if you see a magpie on its own it is good luck. It is also said it is bad luck to spill salt. I hope this explains the work above.
The work is on its way to Monsta in Lyon, France.

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